Decrease Inflammation and Improve Digestion with Sprouts!

When I lived in Alaska, I had a patient who was a Slow Food diva.  Not only did she bake all her breads from scratch, she started from whole grains, then sprouted them, low-temperature oven dried them, and ground them into flour before turning them into delicious treats. Even though we all can’t be this dedicated to our food all the time, there is real value to putting this type of intention into nourishing our family.  Especially during these first weeks of spring, I can’t think of anything more appropriate or seasonal to eat than sprouted foods.  So in honor of all the teeny radish sprouts poking up in my garden, let’s talk about the health benefits of sprouts.

So, why is it worthwhile to eat sprouted foods?  Two of the primary goals for our eating during the spring are to improve digestion and absorption of food and decrease inflammation in the body.  Sprouts and sprouted foods are a wonderful way to work towards all of these goals.  This is both because of how foods are transformed during sprouting as well as the health benefits of the sprouts themselves

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