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Eat Seasonally For Holiday Health

During the holidays we can have the tendency to fall into a routine of overindulgence that, come January, can leave us feeling overfull and unhealthy. This is a wonderful time to share delicious treats with friends and family, and the colder weather can inspire long, cozy hours in the kitchen. So how do we enjoy a season ofrich, delicious foods and still feel good come the new year?
This year, take some time to look beyond the standard recipes and focus on what is right in our backyard. There is an abundance of locally produced food that is fresh and coming out of the ground right now: apples, pears, beets, kale, butternut squash, and tender little fingerling potatoes are just a few of the wonderful foods that are local, organic, and available right now. When we cook to enhance and celebrate the wonderful flavors in these foods, we can do without some of the more refined, heavier foods that make our tummies swell and our bodies lethargic: baked apples and pears are delicious and require little sugar and no crust. Roasted sweet potatoes are intensely sweet and rich without the marshmallow topping, and sauteed kale or fresh, blanched green beans are fantastic topped with olive oil, lemon juice and toasted walnuts rather than a can of creamed soup that masks their natural deliciousness.

The recipe to the left is one example of a rich yet healthy side dish to add a new twist to your holiday table.

Have a delicious, healthy holiday!