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Eating For Vitality: Metabolic Typing

I have spoken before about the importance of maintaining good blood sugar to feel our best each day. We can take this question one step further, however, and think about how to eat to feel good for the long-term. One of the most common questions we get at the clinic is :”What is the BEST diet?” Well, just as each of us are individuals with different personalities, each of us also has individual nutritional needs. So, while it is good to strive for eating high quality, seasonal, locally produced whole foods, we can also look further into what is best for each of us as individuals.
Metabolic typing is a type of testing that does just that. This in-office test looks at a variety of factors, including blood sugar, urine, saliva, and blood pressure, to determine how your body individually responds to the food you put in it. We also look at an array of subjective factors to determine what eating style helps you feel your best. After the testing is complete, we compare all this information to how you currently eat and come up with an individualized plan to meet your long-term nutritional and health needs.
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