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Listening to Our Bodies–Testing for Food Sensitivities

As I have mentioned before, one of the most profoundly satisfying parts of my job is watching people make choices that result in better health. Each of us is truly our own best doctor, but sometimes it can be quite confusing to figure out what signals to listen to. For example, often one part of our brain is telling us “I need coffee and cookies! Get them now and eat them all!” and another part of our brain may be saying “mmm…perhaps not.” One of these voices tends to be much louder, though and can make it difficult to ultimately make good choices.

Sometimes in order to really understand how our bodies respond to how we treat them it is helpful to take a break from our normal routines. There are many ways to do this, and frequently it involves dietary change. In my practice, I frequently will do blood testing for food sensitivities–when we get the information back, we will take the elevated foods out of the diet for 4-6 weeks. Generally, people will feel much better during this time–we frequently see a reduction in many symptoms including joint pain, skin problems, fatigue, allergies, and digestive complaints. However, one of the best parts of doing this, I have found, is the amazing sense of self awareness that people develop around what goes into their bodies. When they start adding foods back, I will often hear comments about how different foods produce different sensations in the body. This increased understanding makes it infinitely easier to make good choices because it becomes so clear how good we feel when we eat what is good for us. Additionally, we become that much more powerful as our own doctors because we know how to choose to feel good.