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Kaycie Grigel ND

I have been working with patients since 1999 to help optimize hormone function by supporting whole body health.  I am passionate about getting to the root cause of your concern and finding natural solutions!

My approach to your health:

  • Listen and hear everything you have to say
  • Gather all the information we need to understand the underlying cause of your health concerns
  • Create a comprehensive plan to support every facet of your health
  • Check in regularly to make sure we are meeting your goals!

My personal experience with breast cancer has deepened my commitment to meeting the needs of women as they experience health challenges. The tools of Naturopathic medicine are so useful for helping to retain and regain balance during treatment and beyond. Breast cancer treatment changes your hormones dramatically, but there are ways to make that shift a little easier.

I always strive to help you understand your body, your lab work, and your treatment choices. We work as partners to make sure your wellness plan meets your personal needs.

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"Dr Kaycie is so good at what she does. She focuses on healing not just prescribing meds. She listens too and does what’s best for her patients."

-Susan S.

Holistic Hormone Support

All of our hormones work together like a symphony to keep the systems of the body functioning optimally.  Major stressors and life events can cause profound shifts in one or multiple hormones,  Naturopathic medicine has wonderful tools for restoring health to the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormones; we work together to balance all parts of the endocrine system.

We work together to find the root causes of your concern. I take plenty of time to get to know you and your history. We may look at conventional and specialized testing to find what is out of balance (see below for more details).  We can use nutrition, lifestyle and targeted natural therapies to support your system and bring you back into balance!

Some Common Conditions I work with:


Problems with the menstrual cycle

Hormone imbalance following Breast Cancer Treatment


Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Polycystic Ovaries

Adrenal fatigue and burnout



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Natural Support During Breast Cancer Treatment

I am here for you.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I wanted to do everything possible regain my health.  I went through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to treat and prevent recurrence of my cancer. I was worried though about the impact of treatment on my overall health.  So, together with my conventional and integrative oncology team I put together a regimen that helped me minimize symptoms and recover more quickly from treatment.

What I found while going through treatment was that the natural therapies I have been using for the past 20 years are so helpful to make breast cancer treatment a little easier.  By managing symptoms and treating my body well I was able to exercise, work, and be present for my family during this challenging time.  Sugery, chemotherapy and radiation are hard on the body, but there are natural, gentle tools to make things a little easier.

Some Ways Natural Medicine Can Support You During Treatment

Supporting Digestion During Chemotherapy

Preventing and healing mouth sores

Healing from Surgery

Managing Hormone Symptoms from Chemotherapy and Tamoxifen

Supporting Mood and Mental Health

Sleep support

Recovery from Chemotherapy

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Questions for Dr. Kaycie?

I am happy to answer your questions!