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Women's Health Transformation Programs

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I want you to actively live your juiciest life! Your health is a lifelong process. Everything that has happened up to now has shaped your current state of health; I am here to help you choose what your health looks like in the years to come.  The more you invest your time and energy in your health, the more power you have over your quality of life. I guide, educate, and support you through that process. 

Let’s work together to help transform your health so you can set the stage for lifelong vitality!

I have two signature programs for women's health:  The Breast Cancer Recovery Program and the Women's Hormone Transformation Program.

In my 20 years of seeing patients, I have found that women can make the most profound health changes with three things:

  • Information--the more we understand what is going on in your body, the more targeted we can be with our therapies
  • Individuality--We will create a program just for you, to meet your needs.
  • Consistency--When we talk regularly I can continually "tweak" your program to reflect your progress.  It also keeps you motivated! Additionally, regular craniosacral therapy helps reset your stress response so your body can heal.

Included in the Comprehensive Health Transformation:

Breast Cancer Recovery

$850/m, or one payment of $4500

6 month program

  • Hormone, microbiome, and food sensitivity testing 
  • customized plan to help you feel great and  decrease the likelihood of recurrence
  • Twice monthly check ins with Dr Kaycie
  • Craniosacral therapy to rejuvenate
  • Specific therapies to heal following surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
  • Unlimited access to Dr Kaycie's classes 
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Complete Health and Vitality Overhaul

850/m, or One payment of $4500

6 month program

For women experiencing ongoing health challenges.

  • Hormone, microbiome, and food sensitivity testing
  • Customized plan to optimize the health of all your hormones
  • Twice monthly check ins with Dr Kaycie
  • Craniosacral to help reset stress response
  • Natural supplementation to help balance hormones
  • Access to the Women's Hormone Masterclass
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