The Women's Hormone  Transformation Masterclass 

Are you ready for Empowerment over your health and hormones? 


Join me live on March 10th, 2024 at 6:30pm for The Foundations Class

This is an introduction to the Masterclass and a class on its own--it gives you a plan for creating a daily life that builds healthy hormones. Β It includes:

  • The four Pillars of Healthy Hormone Habits
  • Diet for hormone health
  • Optimal exercise
  • Tricks for solving hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety
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"I just want to say Thank you! SO much. I feel fortunate to have found you and your knowledge in helping me navigate my thryoid issues but to also have learned from you in this manner as well has been a blessing. It coincided perfectly with some personal changes and that need to finally put myself first and do things that are right for me."

-Jessica C.

Who is this for?  

You are a smart, educated, motivated woman.  You know how to juggle caring for yourself, your family, and your responsibilities. But the stressors of modern life take a toll; over time our minds and bodies aren’t as able to keep up with everything we want and need to do.

I want you to live a Juicy life!

The beauty and power of being a woman is that we know our bodies will change and evolve over time.  It is built into our DNA for our hormones to change throughout our lifetime. As we move through our reproductive years and into menopause our hormones shift dynamically to enable us to adapt.  However, when we push ourselves too hard our hormones suffer; we are unable to keep our hormones in balance and we end up exhausted and feeling sick.

This program helps you put the pieces together

This is not just a class about menopause.  This class is designed to help you be the person you need to be for yourself, your family, and your work. Our thyroid, reproductive hormones, and adrenal glands all have to work together so we can be healthy.  This class teaches you how to support all of your hormones naturally so you can get back in balance. 

*New for 2022--introducing the foundations of hormone health plan!

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What are some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance?

*Fatigue *Anxiety * Insomnia*Depression

Hot flashes*night sweats*low libido

weight gain or loss

changes in hair, skin and nails 

Headaches* Digestive problems* menstrual issues

high or low blood sugar 

Why This Masterclass?

I am on a mission to help women transform their hormone health. Our hormones are the seat of our power, and when we support them we feel amazing.  This class is designed to teach you:

  • Your plan for crafting a life that builds healthy hormones
  • How our thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormones work
  • How to identify when our hormones are out of balance
  • Natural solutions for rebalancing our hormones
  • Strategies for getting in touch with our power and inspiration to build long term hormone health!

What is the schedule and format?

Building community takes time, so we have 4 sessions to grow together.  We will spend 2 hours together each week learning about and discussing a specific topic. Classes include education, meditation, and creative exercises to help us create a life of vibrant health!

Class Schedule;

  • Class 1: The foundations of hormone health--How to create a daily routine that supports healthy hormone function
  • Class 2: Male and female reproductive hormones--Periods, menopause, libido, and long-term vitality
  • Class 3: Thyroid and Adrenal Health-- Energy, mood, stress, and weight management
  • Class 4: Special Topics: Anxiety, Insomnia, the Microbiome, and Environmental impacts on our hormones

Each class includes

  • Information sharing to teach you the fundamentals of each topic in hormone health, including natural therapies to support the system of the day.
  • Exercises in self-reflection to help you understand and clarify your specific needs.
  • Community discussion to share our needs, our discoveries, and our inspiration!
  • Course handbook that includes handouts and exercises to enhance your learning

What Will I Take Away From this Class?

  • A more robust understanding of how your hormones work 
  • Clear steps for how to support your hormones naturally
  • Better self-understanding of your individual health needs
  • A deeper connection to what inspires you
  • A fantastic community of amazing women who support each other

The Foundations of Hormone Health


  • Helps you optimize your diet and lifestyle choices for optimum hormone health
  • Gives you a specific structure for creating your own diet plan
  • Preparation for the full masterclass
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Foundations + Masterclass Online


  • All of the material from the foundations course
  • Unlimited Access to Dr Kaycie's recorded Hormone Health Masterclass lectures
  • Watch At your own pace, anytime!
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Foundations + Masterclass Live!


  • Everything from the Foundations+ Masterclass online, plus:
  • Access to live group classes
  • Additional in-class exercises and meditation
  • Learn, share and bond with a group of fantastic women
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