The Women's Hormone Health Masterclass Starts Soon!

Are you ready for Empowerment over your health and hormones? 

                                                 Sundays--October 3rd, 10th and 17th at 6:30pm                                             

                                                Education.              Introspection.            Community.










Who is this for?  

You are a smart, educated, motivated woman.  You know how to juggle caring for yourself, your family, and your responsibilities. But the stressors of modern life take a toll; over time our minds and bodies aren’t as able to keep up with everything we want and need to do.

Our hormones enable us to adapt to change!

The beauty and power of being a woman is that we know our bodies will change and evolve over time.  It is built into our DNA for our hormones to change throughout our lifetime. As we move through our reproductive years and into menopause our hormones shift dynamically to enable us to adapt.  However, when we push ourselves too hard our hormones suffer; we are unable to keep our hormones in balance and we end up exhausted and feeling sick.

Our hormones work as a team

Our thyroid, reproductive hormones, and adrenal glands all work together to keep all of our organ systems in balance.  They are all responsive to stress, our environment, and each other, and must work together like a “symphony”.  For this reason, we cannot treat just one hormone at a time without considering how the entire endocrine system is functioning. When we approach endocrine health as a whole we have better tools to address our health in a deeper way.

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What are some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance?

*Fatigue *Anxiety * Insomnia*Depression

Hot flashes*night sweats*low libido

weight gain or loss

changes in hair, skin and nails 

Headaches* Digestive problems* menstrual issues

high or low blood sugar 

Why This Masterclass?

We are all Healers.

We are all Powerful.

We are all Connected.

Why Women’s Wisdom?

This class is not just about learning “what to do to be healthy”:  Your “why” for being healthy is just as important as “how”. This is about embracing what inspires you and giving it space in your life. It is a community where you can share your experience with other women and grow together.  

What will we learn?

First, we will learn the nuts and bolts of how our hormones work and how to support them naturally.  We will then reflect on how this information resonates with us personally.  As we talk through this, we will support each other as a group to help each of us make life choices that support our greatest health.

What is the schedule and format?

Building community takes time, so we have 3 sessions to grow together.  We will spend two hours together each week learning about and discussing a specific topic. Classes include education, meditation, and creative exercises to help us create a life of vibrant health!

Class Schedule;

  • Class 1: Reproductive Hormones--Periods, menopause, libido, and long-term vitality
  • Class 2: Thyroid and Adrenal Health-- Energy, mood, stress, and weight management
  • Class 3: Special Topics: Anxiety, Insomnia, the Microbiome, and Environmental impacts on our hormones

Each class includes

  • Information sharing to teach you the fundamentals of each topic in hormone health, including natural therapies to support the system of the day.
  • Exercises in self-reflection to help you understand and clarify your specific needs.
  • Community discussion to share our needs, our discoveries, and our inspiration!
  • Course handbook that includes handouts and exercises to enhance your learning

What Will I Take Away From this Class?

  • A more robust understanding of how your hormones work 
  • Clear steps for how to support your hormones naturally
  • Better self-understanding of your individual health needs
  • A deeper connection to what inspires you
  • A fantastic community of amazing women who support each other

Investment: $500


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