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Community Spring Cleanse Begins Sunday April 11th, 2021!

Mar 12, 2021
Otis the tortoise is ready to come out of hibernation and so am I!
This year I'm inviting you to join in a community cleanse (we will do the cleanse at the same time but meet over zoom) so we can support each other and cheer each other on. The thing we have been missing the most in the past year is community so let's use our resources to do something together.
The four pillars of the cleanse are:
Decreasing Inflammation
Removing Obstacles to Healing
Supporting Elimination
Optimal Nourishment
When we take a couple weeks to intentionally treat our bodies well it makes a huge difference in our health and well being.
During the cleanse we shift the diet, but also take stock of our daily rituals to ensure we make daily choices that reinforce physical and mental health. When we choose our own health daily we stay healthier over the long term.
This 2-week program helps us remember how to make that daily commitment, rather than just hoping that we stay well!
The Spring Cleanse Includes:
April 11th, 6pm--1 hour class over zoom to meet and talk through the cleanse protocol
April 18th, 6pm--1 hour meeting over zoom to talk about how we are doing and answer any questions
Updated Course booklet with recipes
Cost: $90 ($75 if you register before March 31st!)
*$10 off if you bring a friend!
Can't wait to see you there!

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