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Herbal Medicine Spotlight: Yerba Mansa

digestion herbal medicine sinus health sore throat summer urinary tract yerba mansa Jun 23, 2020

In 21 years of using plant medicines to help patients, many herbs have emerged as my favorites for specific issues. There are a select few, however, that have captured my heart as useful for a wide range of conditions and complaints. At the top of my list is an herb called Yerba Mansa.
Yerba Mansa is a water loving plant that grows along stream sides in southern Colorado and New Mexico. I have been experimenting with growing it in my own backyard and am just tickled to see it go through its first bloom cycle (in the picture above).

Yerba Mansa is an absolute favorite of mine because it is an amazing healer of mucus membranes--that is, any of our internal, wet or slimy barriers. This includes our mouth, throat, inside of our nose, digestive tract, and even the inside of our bladder. It helps to heal and reestablish integrity to those barriers. I have used Yerba Mansa for everything from sore throats to chronic sinus issues to urinary tract infections--it is a powerful, yet gentle ally.

For folks who have the tendency to get colds, allergies, and sinus infections, here is a recipe for Papa Rosen's Yerba Mansa Nasal Wash, which can help prevent and heal irritation. Dr. Grigel can also make this up for you if you would like to try it. Good luck!

Papa Rosen's Nasal Wash

  • 2oz hot water
  • 1/2tsp sea salt
  • 60 drops yerba mansa

Mix well and place in dropper bottle. Use one squirt in each nostril morning and night to heal chronic irritation and prevent colds.


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