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The Superpowers of your Hormones!

adrenal health empowerment estrogen progesterone testosterone thyroid Sep 27, 2021

It is my mission to rebrand hormones--they get a bad rap.  For so many of us, hormones are seen in a negative light.  “My hormones are crazy so I have hot flashes, and night sweats, and I’m tired, and gaining weight, and my moods are all over the place.”  In the workplace, we often work to disguise our hormones, because we don't want to seem out of control or overly emotional.  When our hormones are out of balance, we feel terrible, but that is because our hormones exert such a profound impact on our body’s ability to function properly.


For most of our organs, their function is obvious and mechanical:  the heart pumps blood, the digestive tract breaks down food so we can use it as energy, the lungs bring oxygen in to feed our cells, and our kidneys filter the blood to get rid of liquid waste. The function of the endocrine (hormone) system, though, is less obvious.  Our hormones keep everything in balance so all of our systems are able to function optimally.  


Hormones are about creation, harmony, stability.  Hormones are the seat of our power.  They enable us to create new life, to sustain and replace our physical body, and to maintain mental and emotional balance. So if you are working on healing your hormones or trying to keep them balanced, it is important to understand their fundamental roles in the body.  Here are a list of our primary hormones and how they work to keep us in balance:



  • Estrogen stimulates the growth of spiral blood vessels in the uterus to create a nourishing environment for the growth of a baby.  It is a growth promoter throughout the body, though, and helps to maintain healthy skin and bones and a strong libido.


  • If an egg is fertilized, progesterone works to stabilize the blood vessels in the uterus to support a healthy pregnancy.  It is critical for balancing estrogen levels for healthy cycles and lactation as well. It also decreases muscle cramping and balances the brain and nervous system.


  • Testosterone helps to grow and maintain healthy strong muscle mass.  It also decreases anxiety and helps with emotional balance.


  • Thyroid hormone impacts the rate of rejuvenation for most of the cells in the body. It helps with turnover of skin and digestive cells, influences the rate of metabolism of food into energy, and influences the rate at which the heart beats to circulate blood.


  • The primary action of cortisol is to take stored energy and transform it into glucose to feed the muscles, heart, and brain.  It primarily does this in times of stress to help us escape from danger, but also works when we have not eaten recently to help keep the body running.


  • Insulin is essential for feeding all the cells in our body.  When food is transformed into glucose (which is what our cells need to survive), it is bound to insulin, which then binds to a cell and transports the glucose inside.  Our cells cannot receive energy without insulin.

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